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Dreamhub – Purple Shine (Lars Krimi Remix) available for (free!) download

A while back, a year if I recall correctly, I did a remix of a track called ‘Purple Shine’ by my good friend Dreamhub (website | MySpace) who creates wonderful ambient music.

I believe I’ve kept the dreamy feeling in the track and added some of “my” elements in the departments of beats and arrangement. I hope you like it, I’ve been biking around in Copenhagen with the sun setting in the horizon and this in my ears – I think it fits that moment, but I probably shouldn’t get all the credit for that :-)

Also, the remix contains a sample from “Bitch Fuck” as performed by Andreas Jornvil. Check it out – wicked track!

Download Dreamhub – Purple Shine (Lars Krimi Remix) at Bandcamp – it’s free!

You can listen to the original track at, which also reveals that it isn’t as much a remix as a mere sampling of the chords :-) Also don’t forget to check out some of his other stuff!

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New EP: Pipes

It’s time for another EP – “Pipes EP”. As you can probably figure out the track titles are various variations(?) of pipes. Yeah, silly, I know.

You can listen to it in the sidebar here on the website or at my Bandcamp page.

From there you can also download my previous three EP’s.

You may download it for free, and since it’s released under a Creative Commons license, you may do pretty much anything you can imagine with the tracks or part of them.

The same goes for the other EP’s – free :-)

Happy listening – I hope you like it!

PS: This will most likely be the last stuff that I release for a while, since I’m about to change to a Mac production set in the near future – Windows Vista is getting on my nerves, and Acid (the software I use to create and produce music) is Windows only. So bye-bye Acid and Windows and hello Live and Mac.

Pipes EP cover

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